Italian Courtyard

Brenna blackman shot01
Brenna blackman shot03
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Brenna blackman shot01 detail

Detail Lighting

Brenna blackman shot03 detail
Brenna blackman modular set
Brenna blackman vertexpaint opt

The stucco and ground materials are world-aligned and vertex paintable to allow for variation and limit seams.

Brenna blackman well hp

A few months after graduation I began a mentorship with Ryan Benno, an environment artist at Insomniac Games. Originally this project was meant to elevate my final modular environment project from college and make it truly portfolio ready. It became a total renovation and with good reason. From fixing overall scale and layout issues to learning about Ultimate Trim and World Aligned Materials - the difference between the projects is considerable.
This courtyard was a new addition to my original map and became a "vertical slice" for the project's revamp. A larger plaza still exists beyond the courtyard gate.